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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The "frankenstorm"

Cynthia and I are both without power in New Jersey.  I feel lucky compared to some parts of this state.  Our shore line took extensive damage.  This storm affected some communities horribly and others it barely touched.  My daughter Jocelyn is in New York City without power on the eleventh floor.  My daughter Emily is in Boston and her apartment roof began leaking tremendously coming in through their lights. I thought she would suffer the least!

 Trees and power lines are down all over.  I am operating from my husband's wireless until my computer battery dies. 

I hope all of you affected by hurricane Sandy are fairing well and getting through the clean up.  My prayers go out for healing of community and lives post Sandy. 

Be well.



  1. I hope everyone stays safe and you all get power back soon. I have a brother in New York who is a fire fighter and he is probably working hard right now to make sure everyone is safe in all the mess.

  2. I hope your power comes back on soon. Stay safe. :)

  3. Stay safe! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Sandy.

  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, New York is a mess as well and we are grateful to the many rescue workers, like your brother, helping everyone. Puts things in perspective. My daughter is in New York City without power and water and seems to be enjoying the adventure of it all with her fellow college friends! My husband and I are at my sister's house now taking advantage of their power - recharging batteries, taking showers, staying warm. My parents are here too, doing the same, and staying overnight so my sisters and I can all rest knowing they are well! I have never experienced a power outage this long before in my life!!!


  5. Oh dear! hate to hear this but on the other hand glad to hear you and your family are safe. Do hope by the time you read this that some normality has returned to your life.

    Sending the strongest positive vibes possible from across the pond!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)