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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Well, after 8 days without, our electricity came back on last night.  We had no lights and no heat, but our gas hot water heater provided us with lovely hot showers and water to wash in.  And I was able to cook on our gas stovetop. So, all in all, it was not a terrible experience for us.  Our home was not damaged, unlike so many others during the storm. So much of the Jersey shore and Long Island are so horribly devastated.  School here was closed for an entire week. My nieces' schools on Long Island will not open until next week because the damage was so severe.

Thankfully, my family was all together and safe and happy, just a bit cold at times.  I actually enjoyed the peaceful silence of a house without a furnace running and without TV! And the stars at night!  Wow! Other than when we are camping in the woods, we never get to experience true darkness.  How bright the moon and stars appeared!

Now New Jersey is being hit with a snow storm.  It is night time now and I can't wait to see the yard in the morning light.  All family members are off the road, safely home or at school.  I pray for those who must still travel tonight because the roads are bad.  And I pray for the many thousands who still have no electricity or means to keep warm.

Here's hoping you are safe and warm,



  1. Hi Cynthia. It's so good to hear that you and your family are doing well, and that you got your electricity back on. Stay warm and safe. :)

  2. phew!!! scary scary scary!!! Great to hear though alls well now.
    I've just heard from my niece in Brisbane,where they are experiencing some really violent thunder storms, that a lightening bolt has hit her house and blown a hole right through her bathroom wall. She's fine but it started a fire so the fire brigade has been called in. I really don't know what our weather is coming too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)