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Friday, February 10, 2012

We are sooooo excited!

Thank you so much to Susan at SusanD1408 Crochet Addict,  Melissa at Lazy Daisy Crochet  and  Tracey at Whistle Stop Crochet who awarded us the Versatile Blogger award this past week.  We are thrilled!   Here are the rules for the award:

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

There are two of us here at TwoLuLa.  Here are seven random things about me, Cynthia:
  1. I went to college in NYC and studied engineering.
  2. Left the engineering field to raise my children, then, later went into teaching.
  3. Met my husband at college.
  4. Learned to crochet and knit from my grandmother.
  5. Love to putter in the garden, but do a terrible job at the Fall clean-up part.
  6. Don't like a lot of stuff in my ice cream - give me plain coffee ice cream and I'm happy (wish I had some right now!)
  7. Every Easter while growing up my friends and I would color 12 dozen Easter eggs for my Uncle Henry's bakery (he made a special Easter cake with a hard boiled egg on top)

Well, that really did get quite random at the end didn't it?  Now Carol will have to add her seven random facts. Here are fifteen blogs that we love to look at.  Thanks to each of you for your inspiration!

Thank you for the award!  Cynthia is currently doing a better job than me with keeping up with the blog.  I am currently feeling stumped about what my next project should be.  So seven random facts about me, Carol:

1.  I am a tea drinker.  I do not like coffee in any form.  (Not even coffee ice cream, Cynthia!)
2.  I love watching the movie "Sense and Sensibilities".
3.  My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
4.  I have not yet read the Harry Potter series but have seen all the movies.  My daughters don't like this about me.  I do plan to read them, but have not gotten around to it yet.
5.  I cannot sit down at home without having a cat sit on top of me (yes, that includes right this moment as I type).
6.  I love snow and cold weather.  (This has been a disappointing winter.)
7.  I am able to say no to any after dinner dessert, EXCEPT the cannoli!

Haken en meer
Le monde de Sucrette

A little here, a little there

Been working on a  bit of this and a bit of that this week. No overwhelming progress on any one project.  Just snippets here and there. Some weeks are like that, aren't they? Now its Friday evening. Hubby is away in the Netherlands, one daughter is at her waitressing job, the other sitting at the table working on her portfolio for art school and my son will soon be off to his middle school dance. What to do, what to do...

I played around with these small granny squares this week.  I can't show you what I did with them until Debi gets the finished granny square for her swap (sorry I am soooo late!)

I did a few more rows on Daniel's blanket.  I need to spend some time writing down what I have actually done!

In the last week or so I experimented with making other granny squares just for fun.  This first one is a wee wobbly around the edges (okay, its very wobbly around the edges). I want to make it again but play around with the colors so that they appear to radiate from the center.

This one was my first attempt at a granny with a circular center. I didn't use a pattern because I want to understand for myself how the increases work.

Today I had a nice afternoon with three good friends.  Good conversation, yummy food ordered out  from the local pizzeria (except for Carol's sandwich which was supposed to be grilled goat cheese with arugula, avocado, walnuts and celery but mistakenly ended up being basic grilled american cheese ), and some crafting.  Liz got me started on a knit scarf using pomp-a-doodle yarn.  I have not knit in quite some time so this is a good warm-up.  As soon as I am warmed up Liz will show me how to make leg warmers/boot toppers for my daughter.  Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tante's Teapot Cosy

Well, I worked almost until the moment it was time to bring my husband to the airport, but Tante Pietje's teapot cosy is finished!

Little Miss Cosy spent the night jetting to Frankfurt, then hopped on a train to Holland this afternoon. Before too long she will hopefully be adorning Tante's teapot. I could not send my teapot along for the ride so I am hoping that Tante has a teapot of similar size.  If not, my husband will have to take Little Miss Cosy shopping with him in search of a pot of her own to keep warm.

Of course before leaving  Miss Cosy had to have a photo session. 
Enjoying the sunshine

Just time enough for a cup before her trans-Atlantic trip begins.

I bought these teacups and saucers at a yard sale.  

I love their shape and the flower detail.

Detail from above.

Bon voyage Miss Cosy!