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Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Booties

This is sweet little Averi, born this past March. Her momma is my neice Kyra.  Needless to say, Averi is everybody's pride and joy.

Krya saw a photo of crocodile stitch baby booties and asked me to make a pair for Averi. I found and purchased a great pattern at Bonita Patterns .

The instructions were  wonderful.  My progress was less so, mainly due to life getting in the way of crochet time!

This is bootie number 1.  I loved the yarn and the colors.  But  I think I used a hook that was slightly smaller than it should have been for this yarn and the entire process was full of constant snags on the decorative threads. Slow going but I persevered finished it. Alas, Averi's foot had grown faster than my hooking and the bootie was too small!  I put it away with my other unfinished crochet projects, vowing to create its mate for another baby, another day.

Here is bootie attempt number 2. I chose a different yarn and a larger hook.  Both booties were finished last night - yes Carol, I have sewn in all my loose yarn ends (Carol knows this is my very least favorite hooky thing to do).

A few quick photos and now its off to the post office to mail them to Averi.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that her feet will fit!


PS: The booties were photographed against the blanket Carol's mom Muriel  made for my son's baptism in 1998.



  1. These are adorable little booties. Love the colors. :)

  2. Lovely.....adorable baby boots.Bonita Patterns has great patterns.Love the pink and white pair.Cute!

  3. Thanks! I haven't looked at Bonita's other patterns but I will check them out.