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Monday, February 25, 2013

We are still here!

What happened to January and February you might ask?  I apologize for our blogging slump.  Life just gets in the way sometimes, you know?  So I was looking over at Made by K to see what she is up to and found owls.  One owl per day with a little bit about it and the statement that she has been post-less for six months.  Her thought is to take one photo.  Post it.  Say a little about it.  I thought.  GREAT IDEA!

I have an endless list of things to do to my house.  One was move the living room around to accommodate a new television viewable without the glare from the window.  And then hang artwork on the now vacant wall.  This project was waiting for my husband to decide what TV to buy (waited three years).  Miracle happened New Year's Day in the form of a sale he discovered.  I will skip the details.  Here is what I did to my blank wall needing pictures:

For now I am happy with the arrangement.  I think I will change out what is on the shelves seasonally (the snowflakes will go when spring is here).  Also, I need to paint the shelves as they are currently unfinished wood. I am not sure what color to paint them or if I should stain them.  The walls are Behr "Boston Fern" green.  I have painted black wood furniture and honey oak stained furniture in the room.  My comfy chairs are floral on a deep purple background.  I am considering painting the shelves purple.  What do you think?