We are TwoLuLa! Welcome to our journey of creative discovery!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello and Welcome

“Creativity is the ability to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.” - Dewitt Jones

Cynthia and I have decided to embark on a journey to discover the creativity in our friendship, in our lives, in our unique perspective on life as Christian women in a Lutheran church, in the ordinariness of our days, and who knows where that journey will lead us?  

How did this all begin?  It began with my need to paint-by-numbers and Cynthia’s willingness to indulge me on this path to discovery, and join me in our secret painting project.  Months later (with a disruptive summer in between) we are still working on that painting and our friendship has grown in the process.  Then came the blog.  We both had an interest in blogging, but never moved forward on it until Cynthia came up with the idea to blog together and voila!  Two Lutheran Ladies - TwoLuLa was born!

We create.  We both crochet.  Cynthia gardens and dabbles in sketching.  She has even taken that step into learning more in an art class!  I have made jewelry.  I love to write.  Cynthia quilts.  I dream of quilting.  I sew.  Lately, I have been involved in making huge banners for our new church worship space.  We both collect books and specialty magazines.  And we have families – believe me child-raising and husband-pleasing takes enormous amounts of creativity and perseverance and endurance.  And prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer!

So to refuse to allow life to get in the way of creativity, we have decided to get together on a weekly or nearly-weekly basis to be creative.  To chat.  To grow our friendship.  And along the way, improve our lives.

I hope something that we do inspires you, or at the very least, makes you smile or laugh with us.