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Friday, February 10, 2012

A little here, a little there

Been working on a  bit of this and a bit of that this week. No overwhelming progress on any one project.  Just snippets here and there. Some weeks are like that, aren't they? Now its Friday evening. Hubby is away in the Netherlands, one daughter is at her waitressing job, the other sitting at the table working on her portfolio for art school and my son will soon be off to his middle school dance. What to do, what to do...

I played around with these small granny squares this week.  I can't show you what I did with them until Debi gets the finished granny square for her swap (sorry I am soooo late!)

I did a few more rows on Daniel's blanket.  I need to spend some time writing down what I have actually done!

In the last week or so I experimented with making other granny squares just for fun.  This first one is a wee wobbly around the edges (okay, its very wobbly around the edges). I want to make it again but play around with the colors so that they appear to radiate from the center.

This one was my first attempt at a granny with a circular center. I didn't use a pattern because I want to understand for myself how the increases work.

Today I had a nice afternoon with three good friends.  Good conversation, yummy food ordered out  from the local pizzeria (except for Carol's sandwich which was supposed to be grilled goat cheese with arugula, avocado, walnuts and celery but mistakenly ended up being basic grilled american cheese ), and some crafting.  Liz got me started on a knit scarf using pomp-a-doodle yarn.  I have not knit in quite some time so this is a good warm-up.  As soon as I am warmed up Liz will show me how to make leg warmers/boot toppers for my daughter.  Enjoy the weekend!

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