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Friday, October 26, 2012

Finish it Friday!!!

Hello.  My name is mitten.  I am lovely and gray and I was made for a beautiful young lady named Eva.  But I have not been able to warm Eva's graceful hands because somebody lost me and never sewed my loose ends in. 

Hi.  My name is blanket.  I have many lovely colors and have had my picture taken for this blog many times.  I am a gift intended for a delightful young man named Daniel.  Sadly, I still need a few more rows before my maker is finished with me.  And I need all those ends sewn in.  I hope to keep my young man warm someday soon.

Hey there!  I am a blanket, purples and greens.  In a cold dark basement waiting for the other half of me to be finished for that new living room sofa, that is no longer a new sofa, for when Jocelyn and Emily watch TV and need extra warmth.  Oh why have I been forgotten?

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa.  I am a baby dress.  I can't adorn that sweet baby girl Olivia until someone adds my sleeves!

Well, hello!  I bet I am close to being done.  I am an exciting multicolored pillow.  I am ready to go to college with Olivia!  Finish me!  Finish me!!

Look at me!  Look at me!  I am a sweater for Emily.  I was finished.  And then determined to be too big so I need some of me to be pulled out and re-fitted.  I am in a dark box with my pattern waiting for discovery and those diet taking steps that will make Emily chic.

Move over all you crocheted projects.  I am a painting.  The one that started this whole creativity blog thing and I am not done either!  Look back to the first beginning posts and you will find me.  Unfinished.  Seems it is what we all have in common.  We shouldn't knock these two ladies too much.  They have finished many projects as well.  But come on now, 

                                    FINISH ME TOO!!!

With love from,
      All of your U.F.O.s


  1. Love this post! It had me giggling and then wondering what all my projects are saying. Thanks for making me smile.


  2. Carol, you crack me up! This is hilarious, and unfortunately sooo true! Once again life got busy and I didn't even finish the "Will I ever Finish it Friday" post I started two weeks ago. We need to make sure to put time aside each week to get together and finish all of these UFOs!