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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My life flows on

Lots of creative energy and creating happening around here, but most of it by my daughter Olivia who is busily applying to art schools.  Life was pretty stressful as she put together her application for Cooper Union.  Aside from wanting to see a portfolio of your work, Cooper gives their own home exam.  Applicants are given three weeks to create six projects in answer to six  prompts provided by the school.  Each project could include several pieces of art. Olivia worked long and hard.  I was her assistant - buying supplies, getting photos printed and generally trying to stay encouraging during the long hours of work.  There was no sleep for Liv the night before the submittal was due and only an hour and a half for me.  The package of original work had to be hand delivered to Cooper in NYC by 4 pm the following day.  Carol came over to be my brain as we assembled the final package and my co-pilot on the journey into the city.  What a relief when that package was delivered complete and in time!  

The Cooper Union Foundation Building which houses the schools of art and architecture.

 No matter what happens now, we are all so proud of Olivia for taking on and meeting this challenge. I thank my dear friends for encouraging her (and me) during this journey. 

So what else has been happening?

I made two granny squares from a pattern I saw online.

I took up my knitting again after several years respite.  This is a scarf made with pomp-a-doodle yarn.  I love the texture but probably could have picked simpler yarn to refresh my knitting skills with!  I'm pretty good with knitting.  My main problem is what to do when I drop a stitch.  Challenging enough to figure out noramlly, but almost impossible to decipher with the pom-poms.  But it is working up into such a nice soft scarf.  My thanks to Liz for getting this started for me!

Daniel's blanket is moving along slowly. Progress was completely brought to a halt by an enormous yarn tangle.  I was starting a new skein of Simply Soft and somehow created the biggest tangle I have ever seen!  It took Carol and I, and a scissor, working on it simultaneously for nearly an hour to detangle the mess.

I  started playing around with colors and striping patterns for another tea cozy.  Haven't decided on anything quite yet.

Lastly, I started crocheting borders on 8 inch squares the ladies group at church are making.  Finished squares will be assembled into blankets to be donated to a good cause.

Hope you have all been well and are finding some creative time for yourselves!

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  1. Everything looks very pretty. Love the 1st squares - they look so different. :)