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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Crocheters

I shopped with my niece Anna today.  My mom and I taught her to crochet.  She has picked it up so quickly and with the eye of a designer.  She already creates items without use of a pattern.  I am proud of her creative talent.  Of course we were in a craft store in the yarn aisle.  We explored the yarns together, pondering what each skein might become, zeroing in on the new yarn that was on sale, and selecting the perfect skein.

That yarn connection between fellow crocheters is an amazing thing.  I have met so many interesting people while exploring the yarn aisle.  We all understand the pull to find new yarn and mold it with hook and strand into something uniquely ours.  Now my niece is one of us. 

Keep on hooking - yarn that is!!


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